Harvard Computer Services LTD.

Commercial or Residential computer services

Services – Commercial

Our success is built on our absolute commitment to deliver a service that is second to none with the emphasis on customer satisfaction, so you can focus on running your business and not your IT.  Our Computer Services and Support plans include standard offerings of immediate remote support, coupled with a maximum 4 hour onsite call out response and immediate telephone support.

Our services are offered on an individual basis dependent upon requirements so the first step is to call us to arrange a brief meeting to discuss the best support package for your organisation:

Computer Services on offer:

  • Servers and network devices
  • File and print services
  • Virus and spyware defence
  • Encryption and data security
  • Licensing
  • Architecture/Infrastructure/Communications
  • Advice & Guidance specific to individual business requirements
  • Disaster recovery principles & practises according to your business/ and legal requirements
  • Proactive Support & monitoring
  • Remote Access Support
  • Reactive Emergency Support
  • Internet & remote working
  • PC hardware faults

We’ll monitor and manage your IT infastructure’s health and performance 24/7. We’ll ensure your critical data is secure and backed up, your e-mail has optimum capacity, memory and hard disks are in peak condition, anti-virus software is up to date and running, servers are crash resistant and event logs are scanned for any possible developing problems. And if we spot any faults, we can usually fix them before you even notice.